Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 1, 2013

The Work Keeps Expanding

ImageI thank God for our mission president who is a Areal futurist and man of God. He is following God and leading us as an organization into more and more new countries. Everywhere I go I teach “greater holiness for greater fruitfulness.” That’s what God has been teaching me. So many want to keep their faith an intellectual exercise devoid of any “superstitions.” However, Paul wrote to the Corinthian Greeks, “Follow me…For the Kingdom of God is not about words but about power.” So I encourage every believer to get serious about growing in holiness by cooperating with the lover of our souls and then with their increased spiritual sensitivity they will be more useful for making disciples who make disciples. If we are above ground then this day is a good one to earn dividends that last for an eternity.Car & People RecalledAfter all Paul wrote, “It is better by far to depart and be with Christ” then he went on to say that he believed God would allow him to hang around to help the churches he had started. I often tell God, “You can take me home anytime you want. I’m ready.” However, I have a mission and believe He will not take me home until it’s done. Let’s all live life so as to be ready when we are recalled. Creative words and approaches are helpful for jaded people who mistakenly think they know all about Christ and his Church. Christendom churches need to morph. This is a more drastic and comprehensive transformation than the word “change” would indicate. Every church in N. America needs a missiological perspective in order to reach out relevantly to those who are culturally quite distinct from them. Lord, revive your church!

During the meetings here, some leaders asked me to come to their countries and teach on disciple multiplication. Have videos, will travel!


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