Posted by: whereintheworldismike | November 5, 2013

No Time to Kill (Ps 90)

That’s the title of a Clint Black song I’m listening to as I put some remaining pieces together for our upcoming trip to Japan. We waste so much time (believe me, I’m pointing at me as I might be pointing at you)! I was talking to a couple of old basketball buddies yesterday and finally one of them said to me, “Mike, I’ve played so many games. I don’t think I need to play any more games, but try to make a difference for Christ with the time I have left.” Awesome! I was blessed and challenged to hear him say it. That’s the way Christian community should work. Sharing what’s really on our heart and really listening to each other. I’d like to ask for prayer for a friend in Tokyo I will be leading a very challenging Bible study with. In addition, I’m having a prayer resource translated into Japanese and I need to try to move whatever stumbling block has gotten in the way. I’m still waiting for 4 publishers to get back to me about possibly publishing my book a little less expensively. 

I love Lecrae’s 1 minute gospel rap. He really captures the gospel compellingly in a rap that’s only a minute long. I’m going to try to upload it. Let’s see if this works…. Here’s the link:

I still get kinda excited as the time approaches for a trip. God always has something cool and unexpected along the way planned. I love having to adjust and lean into whatever he shows me to join him in his work. Some really cool things have happened that way and I expect many more. Go God!



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