Posted by: whereintheworldismike | November 16, 2013

The Atheistic Church?

The Atheistic Church?

Blackaby & King in Experiencing God write, “Most people when they look at the church see what a dedicated group of people can do. They need to see what God can do.” Atheists in England, Australia, and now America (even L.A.) are starting to gather together to regain the community of the church many of them left years ago. They want the excitement, inspiration, camaraderie, and community involvement that are the aspirations of a lot of current church goers. The motto of the L.A. group “Live better, Help often, Wonder more” captures the honest aspirations of many who made a commitment to Christ before or after they joined a local church.

The book I am writing points back to the transformation and multiplication of disciples that Christ prepared us for before he ascended back into heaven. Will he find us fulfilling his mission or “playing church?”


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