Posted by: whereintheworldismike | December 10, 2013

Preaching Kiyose Grace Chapel

One of the things I pray often is “Lord, please help me to not forget Japanese” since we live in California and travel to Japan about 6-7 times a year. It’s been hard work but I’ve just about finished the book God has laid on my heart more than 10 years ago. I took one of the 10 figures in the book and got help translating it. It’s a disciple multiplier discipleship flowchart. It was in the slideshow as I shared on 2 Cor 5:14-21. As soon as I can find the money I will publish this for the Church in N. America. We need it. God has taught me much as I have typed. When we shared at KGC, some cried and many were convicted by the inward turning of the attention of most in the room. Why are we not compelled by the love of Christ to represent him to the lost all around us? I told a story about the Egyptian Christians who are undergoing severe persecution. Some churches have been burned but the remaining Christians write on the walls of their burned churches: “We love you. We forgive you. Jesus loves you.” Many of their persecutors have come to Christ as a result of such supernatural love and acceptance from those they had tried to kill.

God really moved at KGC and I pray they will have many opportunities to use the new baptistry in the new building.



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