Posted by: whereintheworldismike | February 2, 2014

Ministry in light of global realities

Currently I’m in Japan but I’ve been able to settle for a few hours and thought I’d share some of my processing of a panel I heard at Fuller Seminary the night before I flew.Image

Panelists were all experts in their fields: missions, theology, ethics, ethno-musicology, intercultural studies, Asian multiculturalism. All panelists agreed that the North American Church must think more missiologically in order to survive and thrive. Some cautioned that trying to share the universal gospel across cultures without a deep consideration of the recipient’s cultural assumptions and perceptual grid results in either colonial domination or gross misunderstandings. The issue is how can we incarnate the gospel of Christ in such a way that our own issues or mono-culturism or ethnocentrism do not fatally distort the message? As I have taught, “The gospel never changes. Jesus will always be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. But how we deliver this message must be delivered appropriately to the needs and perceptions of the hearer. Gospel does not change but message delivery systems must change often for recipients.


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