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Spiritual Artillery

First, I can’t thank everyone who’s praying for us enough. This has been both a divinely blessed trip and a significantly challenging trip.

Mary Jo has not had hot water in Myanmar or in Bangladesh. She said, however, the training sessions with the pastors have been “awesome.” I asked her why. She answered that it’s because “everyone participates.” We don’t lecture much. For the most part the teaching happens through discussion and reflection. I believe that’s one of the reasons we keep getting requests to come to more countries. One new one in Asia this year and we may go to Africa for the first time.

The snow here on the mainland of Japan has been unlike any we’ve seen while we were living here. They were closing roads today as I was trying to get back to the guesthouse near Tokyo where we like to stay when in the area. This is what it looked like on the walk home with two bags.Image

Kind of challenging for a guy who just got back from Okinawa where it never snows and came from Los Angeles where it almost never snows.

While down south I was able to meet with several of the pastors we worked with to plant new churches during our residency. I was very blessed by their openness to the stuff from my book that has been translated. We especially discussed the disciple multiplier flowchart and the graphic representations of human sanctification from an earlier publication. They were very open and interested as we discussed how to develop Christian multipliers.  They want to apply what we talked about and are waiting for a prayer resource that has been being translated. She sent it to me while I was down there but had a question we need to discuss before it’s ready for distribution. 

One of the things the pastors agreed with me on is that most of the people who are coming to Christ right now are doing so from experiencing God in some amazing way. One pastor I know well told me that there’s a pastor named Tanosato who’s 84 years old who is currently traveling around the entire nation of Japan sharing his testimony of being raised from the dead at his funeral. Another pastor waiting for my stuff is Pastor KIshinami up in Tohoku who has started 35 churches in the last 2 years from people who have seen Jesus in a dream. Many of the people who have seen him say Jesus has hair white like wool and eyes like fire-like the description in Revelation 1:14. Some others are seeing the glowing faces of their relatives who died in the tsunami–they think ghosts but we tell them Jesus can take away the haunting spirits and soon they put their faith in Christ after we pray for them. I’m really proud of the work our co-laborers are doing up there in northeast Japan. 

I believe Jesus is using his spiritual artillery on the hard hearts of the human race in preparation for the greatest invasion the earth has ever seen. He’s preparing for his return in glory but it won’t be for awhile yet. He will continue to soften up the people of the world. Right now more people are believing in Christ than ever before and more are being persecuted than ever before. I’m with Alan Hultberg, one of the newest PhD’s teaching at Biola, who’s of the opinion Christ will return after the 6th Seal judgment which is also when the Church will be taken out (commonly called “The Rapture”). 

Any one who thinks they belong to Christ but don’t think obedience is important should seriously consider these passages in the Bible: John’s Gospel chapters 14-15 and Matthew’s Gospel chapter 25:14-30.

My book is coming back from the editor piece by piece. Very encouraging. His suggestions are pretty minimal. If I can raise $6000, I can publish in English and a cultural adaptation in Japanese.


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