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Pray Needed for the Iceman Cometh

Today has been an interesting day. Got a mail from MJ in Bangladesh that her computer charger broke so she won’t be posting anymore. Glad we meet up in about 48 hrs 55 min! 

Got another mail that the translation for Releasing Prayer Ministry is done. YAY! This will bless people all over Japan. We had to simplify it a little bit especially as it was created in lawsuit-happy California, and Japan is quite different. My friend translating it mailed me that she thought the contractual portion sounded too strict to Japanese who don’t do many contracts. Now to send it out to many pastors here with an explanation. They will get the translated flowchart I used when we preached at Kiyose Grace Chapel a couple of trips back. RPM is especially helpful for heart change, one of the three areas of training for effective development of multipliers (the other two are head and hands).

It was really hard to go out earlier. I got to help a guy by pushing as he tried to extricate his car from his drive space onto the road. The snow is so piled up that there are places you can’t walk on the sidewalk. It works to walk in the ruts made by the cars but then you have to watch out for cars and trying to get out of their way can get you soaked through. Quite an adventure for a California city boy.

On another front, our mission president has been networking me like crazy. Twice today he sent me invitations to submit papers at universities. One in Calif. and one in Minnesota! He’s ready my book draft and knows the value for discipleship that actually works–head, heart, and hands. My Strengths Finder says that among other things I’m a lifelong learner. I’m now 62 and by God’s grace I’ve learned from some of the best. Much was learned in the field. I trust God will provide the funds I need to publish in English and Japanese.

Well, got to get this off to the pastors. Thank you for praying! I trust God 


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