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A Taste of Heaven!



This morning all five ethnic churches that nest on the campus filled the cathedral-like sanctuary of 100 year old Arcadia Pres. Scripture was read in Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Korean, and English. Hymns were sung in several languages also. What a treat! Too bad we only do it once a year!

I was reminded once again of what I learned in my doctoral studies: there are at least 1600 models of church operating in the world. I have probably worked with about 100 diverse models representing at least 20 denominations to develop daughter churches. The community in a house church cannot be matched by the “elephant church.” The Bible teaching (cognitive) of the large church with the charismatic gifted communicator cannot be matched by the house church, or the church that meets in a corporate cafeteria, or in a small business office. However, more disciple multipliers come from the small church in my experience precisely because they are more relational for the most part. I know how to make disciple multipliers in the large church but it will take “detox.” I will be going to Nigeria to teach 100 pastors and their spouses one great detoxification tool. They face fiery persecution at times. I pray they will have the faith and love of the Egyptian Christians who write on their left over church walls when a church is burned down with some of the members in it: “We love you! We forgive you! Christ loves you! Christ forgives you!” We heard once again today from a great Egyptian televangelist that hundreds of thousands of muslim perpetrators are embracing Isa as their Messiah as a result. The Egyptian brothers and sisters are paying a heavy price as our our brethren in Jakarta, Syrian, and other parts of the world. We must be compelled by the love of Christ like our spiritual forerunners! This will not be accomplished by talking at people–commonly called a sermon. Christ told us what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and what we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven (Matt 16:19ff).

This will only come through prayer–abiding, interactive prayer–that changes hearts.

When I shared the testimony of two Japanese women who were transformed by the love of Christ demonstrated and experienced in interactive prayer–one said, “My heart has been set free” 「心が解放された」, Hassan asked me if I would come to Jos, Nigeria and teach it to 100 pastors and their wives. I told him “I will only come if you will teach it to faithful elders who will in turn teach it to all the church members.” We all have a spiritual gift. We all are priests and priestesses if we know Christ personally. Image

Pastor Hassan is the man on stage far left. He knew even pastors need heart change. That’s why I will go and pass on what has been passed down to me by Evergreen Baptist Church San Gabriel Valley. This grace is NOT only for pentecostals and charismatics. Evangelicals need heart change also. I like Releasling Prayer Ministry because it starts with great encouragement from the Lord. This opens our hearts more to what God has for us and many of us are not yet used to hearing from God directly. I am but I’m wired for it. That’s why i’m tested in at least 3 different ways and probably always will be. But all I can say is, “God, I trust you and I know your strength is perfected in my weakness so this totally directionless guy that always wears good walking shoes wherever he goes as your ambassador will continue to say ‘I will” when you call me.”


Thanks Noel for editing my self published book!


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