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Why I Write and a Request

The love of my life leaves for Japan March 22-April 1. I will not go this time but will prep for teaching Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and then get back to editing my book. I usually write–with lots of coaching questions–in order to conduct pastor workshops all over Asia. The number of countries is only increasing for our leadership development program and is adding more and more restricted countries. Every time our faculty get together, they ask me how my book is coming along. I know several plan to get it. It’s about creating a church culture that multiplies disciples and everything in it is proven truth. I was told by 3 of my endorsers that what I wrote is a “little too true” for most readers. So I’ve undergone an editing process. My colleague Noel did a great job trimming some redundancies. I have some teaching gigs Stateside so I have to put the book on hold a little bit longer–about a week or a little less.

P1000511_2I will praying for this incredible lady every day she is flying to Japan and then training all over that country that is finally experiencing revival through signs and wonders. I know she will do an excellent job of representing the mission on our Japanese Board. Then meeting with a great pastor of a large church about placing a new family with them to plant another church. Then she has several meetings to encourage missionaries and review their progress in a number of locales.


This is our mission leadership, country leaders from each of the countries we work in (sorry this version only has some of the country leaders), and finally the faculty that teach our values all over Asia and soon other continents at our leadership summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you for your prayers for safe travel. As it turns out when my wife and I went to the airport to fly back to America we heard about the Malaysian flight that was lost 11 hrs before we left. Crazy things happen a little more often these days, it seems and we travel a lot!

One reason I believe we have more requests for our program than we can fulfill at this time, is our mission’s essences which provides the basis for our individual curriculums:

A2 Essences

Everything starts with a love relationship with God–this must engage much more than the head. Next we realize that every Christian–even pastors, church planters, and their trainers–must keep growing as a Christ-follower: through the mountaintop times and the refiner’s fire times. We all need grace and God’s supernatural touch. Next, we believe all believers in Christ are called to be followers and therefore, to be leaders. This essence is then, “Reproducing disciple-making leaders.” The final 2 essences are really an outcome of the previous 2: “Multiplying disciple makers and planting multiplying churches.” This will certainly happen if our love relationship with Christ is intimate and we are growing continually.

Finally, I write because  I agree with Billy Graham and with Jesus who said, “Many who are first with be last and many who were last will be first.”


Lord, revive your church worldwide and please do not leave out North America. We admit we have considered many of your works as superstitious. We confess that too many times we have served mammon rather than Christ–even while giving Jesus lip service. We repent and ask you to release your mercy.  AMEN


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