Posted by: whereintheworldismike | May 24, 2014


That means “wave” and it’s how Pastor Sugaya described what God has been doing in this church since last November with new believer baptisms occurring frequently through the rest of this year…and beyond. We were excited to hear the plan to plant new churches with leaders from the harvest for the harvest. Cool! Here are Andrew and Red who helped facilitate the prayer meeting yesterday and worship Sunday before we headed off by bullet train to Toboku. God, you’re amazing!


As the wave of baptisms continues at Kiyose Grace Chapel, God is stirring the folks to extend Christ’s reign more and more. They were hungry for input from Andrew after the service so an improptu worship workshop was held and some lively discussion and heartfelt singing as the result.

KGC circle w AndrewThen we bullet trained up to Sendai where we had a prayer and praise time over Shabu Shabu in Iwakiri. The unusual thing about this time was that the singing was in Japanese, English and Russian simultaneously. Here’s a link to a video

After enjoying the wonderful hospitality of old friends in Sendai for three days, we trained down to Karuizawa for the Asian Access Spring Conference.

God bless us one and all to be faithful and fruitful in the Lord’s service.




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