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Friends Are Friends Forever If the Lord’s the Lord of Them

Sometimes songs and scriptures go through my head–often in response to something that’s going on. Really, everything I do is for the result that is encapsulated in the title. This life is so fleeting and eternal friendships are so awesome! We need to listen more than we talk initially. This communicates love more than just about anything else we can do.
I’m so ready to publish my love letter to the Church. Just need a cover photo. It should be out in paper within the week and in Kindle a day or two after that. Lots of good advice and links to resources in it. I just want to see so many hopeless folks finding the Hope that does not disappoint and the joy that is not dependent on circumstances.MJ MAGL

Increasingly I have health issues. They just serve to remind me that this is NOT all there is. We have an indescribably wonderful afterlife but in the meantime our divine purpose is not completed so we need to hang in there step by step with Holy Spirit and trust him to give us the strength to so what he wants us to do–which is always glorious!


Check out these friends who came to Japan with us last month and beginning of this month. They brought the talents God gave them and he gave them experiences they could not have imagined. God is equipping them to be renewal agents in this culture even as he stretches their boundaries internationally. Renew and Revive your Church, God of Wonders! We stand ready to play our part.

Michael L Wilson

Catalyst for the Lord on several continents…and growing


  1. I cannot wait to purchase your book. You and Mary Jo are priceless friends. I pray they can find a way to fix your current health issues.

    • I hope to be able to take a cover photo today with some young adults. If it works out, the book should be out in the next couple of days. Formatting is a little tricky but I’m pretty much done. We really appreciate your friendship and prayers! Lots of persecution in some of the countries we work in.


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