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The Patience of Job

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Sometimes it’s tough being in the Lord’s workshop. One time when I was really discouraged in particular by a couple of things, the Lord said quite clearly, “I’m breaking you to make you a better leader.” The breaking goes on with 2 new physical challenges. I’m glad one of them can be taken care of by a procedure that’s scheduled Aug. 1. The other I will take with me to the Middle East and Africa as well as Japan in the new year. I’m learning to manage it so it doesn’t slow me down much. Pretty annoying though.

Minami Sanriku
This building was the disaster relief building before a towering tsunami stripped it and took that last 30 folks clinging to the attenna at the top. We are so privileged to be able to bring relief to the people still beleagured in N.E. Japan.

Shimizu Leather

This is the Shimizu Leather works in Rifu, Japan. We toured there while showing some partners some of what God is doing as the disaster relief work goes from straight relief work to re-establishing businesses in the area. Most people lost their livelihoods and we are blessed to be among those trying to bring hope and help in the name of Christ.

So, it’s been a long road to get to this place. My book is with the pros who are doing some final formatting and taking their time about it. They tell me that they will be done by Aug 15 and will then send the file to me for one final look. If I think it’s good enough, that will start the process of getting up on Amazon with its own page, etc.

So for my friends who are waiting for this love letter to the church, please bear with me a little longer. I believe it will be worth it.


  1. So blessed to hear of your tireless work in Japan. Congratulations with your book. We will be praying for your health issues. Thank you for being a willing servant.

    • Your family are awesome role models! I appreciate your long friendship and partnership in the gospel. Every time I think the book is done, some other thing comes up. It will be done soon. Lebanon is a possibility. I will have to go to collaborate on an adaptation. A scholar over there said it will “transform the Church.” Japanese is already in translation. God bless you and your whole family!


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