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Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation Disciple Multiplication ENDORSEMENTS

I’m grateful the book finally made it to Amazon. Available in both paper and kindle formats. I’m humbled by the endorsements some really great servants of God provided for the book. Here’s what some giants of the faith had to say about my magna opus:

Endorsements of Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation, Disciple Multiplication

Michael Wilson’s Exponential Culture takes us beyond the usual analyses of how to multiply obedient disciples; its penetrating insights force one to think! It shows clearly and thoroughly how to make disciples that multiply, with vivid, effective examples drawn from experiences and research in USA, Japan, and Malaysia…

Had I read Releasing Prayer Ministry 40 years ago, my ministry would have been more productive and less bumpy. Believers who desire a more purposeful prayer life and a structured, thorough line of procedure, will welcome the exercises and enjoy following the specific guidelines.

– Dr. George Patterson, mission strategist and mentor

Beginning with the contrast between “casual Christians” and true disciples, Michael Wilson presents a beautiful case for relational disciple making. He bypasses cultural Christianity for something far better resembling salt of the earth. The book incites a search for very natural and effective pathways into the lives of people around you. Often this requires only compassion for the pain of others.

What makes the book so effective are the numerous stories of real-life disciple makers. His concept of disciple makers as “God-cooperators” brings life to the process of reproducing ourselves in others. “Holy gossip” is another highly organic tool springing from real people multiplying the gospel in others. Everything is built around establishing relationships—the word, ‘barbeque’ appears several times.

This book is a great tool for group-study and will bear fruit for all who use it.

– Ralph Moore, Founder of Hope Chapels

We have all heard about life style evangelism, but Mike talks about life style discipleship where one life is poured into another and then these two pour into another two and so on down the line as exponential reproduction happens not merely yielding “converts” but rather true followers of Jesus.

Mike’s mix of Bible, Jesus stories and stories from his own experience yield a compelling book of how to re-energize Western Christianity in such a way where it will impact lives, communities and society. Mike has a great way of mixing his relaxed, relational approach with the desire to actually MAKE disciples, not just talk about making disciples. His stories and real life experience will build faith as well as give practical insight for those who wish to engage in Lifestyle Discipleship. He also shares a number of other’s stories of their experience in multiplying disciples which increases faith that we can do so as well.

– Dick Scoggins, worldwide church planter coach

and co-author of Church Multiplication Guide

Discipleship is at the heart of Christ’s call for our lives yet many have noted the lack of transformation seen in the American church today. The resurgence of this all-important process in the writings of many church leaders is encouraging.

Here, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, church multiplication specialist with Asian Access and one of our most effective evangelists in Japan (Japanese pastors call him an evangelism animal), shares stories and principles that help point the way forward. He emphasizes that our personal transformation, day in and day out, as we walk with Jesus is core to seeing people, communities, and nations changed for hope and healing. Filled with insightful reviews of scripture, this book will help you as you seek to become more like Jesus and to be salt and light in our world today.

– Rev. Joseph W. Handley, Jr.,

President Asian Access, PhD Candidate

“Mike Wilson grabs hold of that essential theme– the multiplication of disciples– and never wavers from it. Through numerous stories and examples, he brings the principles he discusses to life. Mike is a true practitioner and it shows: he knows what he’s talking about. Lots of practical wisdom in here. Beautifully written, this important new resource takes us around the world, where those of us in North America can learn a great deal.”

– Dr. Bob Logan, author of The Missional Journey

Mike came to Sabah Theological Seminary and Asian Centre for Mission in 2013, he taught a course on “Disciple Multiplication and Church Growth.” To me, Mike has a dynamic understanding of disciple making from the Scripture, and based on his personal observations and experience throughout the years serving in the mission field and churches as Asian Access Church Multiplication Catalyst. He sees “relational evangelism” as the key to disciple multiplication process. The research on exponential growth of a tiny agrarian village from 20 people to a town of 5120 citizens is a powerful story of relational evangelism.

As a pastor, teacher and missionary myself, I fully agree that though “relationship building is time consuming, the mutually transformational process that happens during relationship building time is the strongest building block in disciple multiplication.” Mike’s real life experience, lessons and stories provide practical insight for pastors who would see their church become a Christ-centered church that keeps the Mission of Christ central and competently cooperates with God in His agenda of transforming His people into “little Christs” in this generation.

– Rev. Dr. Chen Lip Siong, Asian Centre for Mission (ACM),                                  Director; Sabah Theological Seminary (STS), Lecturer;                                                        Serving in Mission (SIM), China Mission Consultant

Mike Wilson’s Exponential Culture puts 2 Timothy 2:2 into action as it lays out the character and capacities required for an authentic movement to result.

– Dr. Tom Steffen, Professor Emeritus Intercultural Studies Biola U.


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