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Publishing on Amazon

It’s been a real adventure publishing my first book on Amazon. The process is not for the faint-hearted though the staff is always quite friendly and helpful. It’s stated all over the Amazon website that one can publish for free on CreateSpace (paper) or Kindle Select (electronic). However, if one is technologically challenged like me, it is best to be prepared to pay for a service package that can cost anywhere from about $300 to $600 for formatting and other help. This is a far cry from “free” but it is still considerably less that most publishing options available to an author with a message but little notoriety or funds–especially the former since publishers are looking for authors with built in substantial audiences for their message.

Mike telling jokes

Humor is a big help to the fledgling–or any other–author. This is especially true if one’s message is of a particularly serious nature.

I’m a little surprised by the slow initial response to the availability of Exponential Culture. The endorsements could not be more enthusiastic and there are gobs of links to helpful and in some cases–fun–resources for making disciple multipliers. I believe the way things are going I may sell more books in Japan rather than

Gotta pack for Sendai tomorrow. Tokyo has been good. It will be good to see old friends as it has been here–and many are waiting for Exponential Culture in Japanese. Blessings….


  1. Stay encouraged, Mike! We’re standing with you. Thank you for your perseverance and diligence to share the love of Jesus and the growth of His bride, the church.

    • Thank you, Jill. Your family’s friendship and prayers is a great encouragement. May the Lord make the Dyers all shine like stars in the universe!

  2. The cost of shipping for your book is more than the cost of the book. That may be the problem. II bought the kindle version for that reason.

    • I hope you enjoy it, Jan. You’ve been waiting a long time.


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