Posted by: whereintheworldismike | December 2, 2014

Glory be to our Great Sovereign God!

Mike on bullet trainSince publishing Exponential Culture in English, God seems determined to send me all over the world. The first 3 new countries are all Islamic so I decided to grow a beard again after a break of about 22 years. Currently I am working on the Arabic adaptation of the book. I am adding quite a bit to help the persecuted church. Here is what I just typed amidst the Lord’s amazing blessing.

In cultures where persecution of the Church is a tragic recurrence, it is so important that Christians are being deeply transformed by direct encounters with the Spirit of Christ. As they do so, they will be a sweet aroma of our Beautiful Savior as they go about their lives and help those around them in need. This will powerfully draw many to Christ and even protect the Church at times from violent actions prompted by lies from the enemy of everyone’s soul.


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