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What You See Is What You Get

IMG_0170Time to revisit this pic. I truly believe Billy Graham had it right about three years ago when the group’s Decision magazine had this cover. America’s leaders and those who elect them have increasingly engaged in decisions and actions that clearly reflect an anti-biblical set of values.

We lived and worked in Japan for 17 years as a family. When we returned to the USA, we experienced what George Barna wrote about back when he wrote the book Frog in a Kettle. American culture had changed so gradually, I guess, that our friends didn’t seem to have noticed that people around them had stopped living in God-pleasing ways. For them the change was gradually–almost imperceptible. But for us the changes impacted us with a suddenness we could not have anticipated.

Our ministry in Japan has been characterized by changed lives. Not superficial change but many baptisms, restored marriages, healed hearts and bodies, etc. I believe this should be the normal experience of believers in Jesus Christ. If it was the normal experience in Church, I believe many who are disinterested now would become very interested.

This is why I wrote Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation, Disciple Multiplication.

Expo CultureIn my work I am an equipper, a field trainer. I was a little out of place when I taught the content of my book at Sabah Theological Seminary. However, we made use of discussion groups often and engaged in activities where conservative Lutheran pastors experienced God talking with them directly and greatly encouraging all who would participate. 24 of 26 pastors who started out in my class did experience this. 2 others dropped out because what I presented was too far outside their ministry paradigm box. Now I get vibrant emails from the seminary that indicate they are doing better than ever since our time together. They now espouse what I call “holistic theology.” Because I do not wish only to talk about the principles in the book, I have included an extensive bibliography as well as internet links to videos and documents that have been helpful to others I have taught these things to. If your church is one of the 70% of existing churches that will be gone in 8-10 years, you especially would profit from applying some “exponential principles.” If your church is growing or seems to be thriving but is centered around “the show”– polished musical and maybe theatrical performances that give attenders a “momentary rush,” then deeper discipleship that transforms is still in need of application if our country is ever to be in God’s favor again and if many who are deluded into thinking they know Jesus when they have barely been introduced to him.

If you get the book, please send me an email with the address enclosed. I would welcome dialogue on such an important topic. Later today I plan to upload some automated slideshows on YouTube which I call “My Heart Breaks for the Bride of Christ.”


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