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Greater Unity in the Church

About a year and a half ago I was presenting a paper on the Japanese Diaspora since the triple disaster there four years ago. As I was talking I mentioned that many people in the disaster area were either seeing Jesus in dreams or thought they were being haunted by their deceased loved ones. There was a man from Cameroon working on a PhD at Biola sitting in the audience. After my speech, we got to talking and he said he wanted a copy of my paper so I gave him one. He then asked me if I would be interested in coming to Cameroon and speaking to 1000 pastors at an annual conference the school he started holds. I asked him if he would like some of my curriculum I had with me in a flash drive. He said, “Sure!” so I gave him figure 10 from my book Exponential Culture and also a copy of the Releasing Prayer Ministry I recommend as a resource for heart change in disciples….and missionaries. After introducing it at Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia some very exciting things have been happening there at that formerly very conservative Lutheran seminary.

Just about a week ago now, I sent off my 38 page keynote speech, an accompanying slideshow, and 2 of 3 morning devotions. I still have the 2 hours workshop and one more morning devotion to prepare. The workshop will be the same as what I presented at K.K. so very minor modifications are needed. I get emails from K.K. all the time. They are very vibrant. The Church is more unified that before and this conservative seminary now sends me advertisements for “How to Listen to the Holy Spirit” and similar things. They are not afraid to witness to Muslims and several have believed.

I sent it to my wife’s church in another state and I now get very vibrant and excited emails from there and so many endorsements  for discipleship, evangelism, and church growth among other things on LinkedIn that it runs off the page. Very few Americans are buying my book but I just got word that it will be published in Arabic and used in all the seminaries over there. The book is anointed–that much is clear. How many more struggling churches bound by tradition must die a slow, withering death in this country? Only God knows. I prepare to take the message to Japan, Cameroon, Nigeria, and probably Lebanon (that last if they want my help to continue adapting it for the persecuted church–I gave them a good start of that from all the testimonies I’ve heard.

Just one more word about my book. In addition to calling for greater unity and providing a proven way of personal transformation, I have a copyright registered holistic discipleship model that calls for inclusion of caring for the Temple of the Holy Spirit as a basic part of discipleship. If we did that, we would have a lot fewer physical problems as we age. I know it still won’t be perfect but it would make like a lot more pleasant and it would save our medical system and the government much money. I’ve heard already that at least 38 of our 50 states are bankrupt.  I do my best to live by what I teach, but like anyone I am far from perfect. I can’t thank Jesus enough for what he did for me and all other sinners!

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