Posted by: whereintheworldismike | May 2, 2015

The Greatest Need in the Church Today

Frankly, the condition of the Church in developed countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, and most European countries gives on pause to reflect and even weep at times. How did we lose our great worldwide influence? I can tell how many people are discouraged by the situation in part by the many who request that I play games with them on FaceBook.

I needed much prayer and a little counseling to get to where I am today. Reading the Bible a lot helped a lot and so did encounters with the Living God during prayer times. However, I am still so carnal at times, it shocks me! I don’t think I’m that uncommon in that regard. If we were each more like Jesus himself, no one would see us as judgmental or irrelevant.

That’s why I took a lot of time to write a book. Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation, Disciple Multiplication is based on both field ministry experience and doctoral research both undergirded by rigorous study of the scriptures.

At this stage in history, we need more that changes, we need transformation and that begins with repentance. Once our hearts are soft and maleable to God again, he is faithful to work on his for his glory and our good. We can count on it.

I’ve noticed that about half of the FB friend requests I receive recently are from faculty and others from Southwestern Conservative Baptist Seminary where I attended a church consultants’ conference last Nov. I think they must have profited from a missiological look at the scriptures and want to connect more with the author. We need holistic theology and practical training in an environment of transparent relationship that changes our hearts if we are to be relevant and helpful to those wandering around in darkness with no hope for a future with all that’s going on.

Jesus, revive your Church!


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