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How I Met Jesus

Mike on KK canopy

The photo above was shot on the day after I finished teaching the two-week intensive class “Disciple Multiplication and Church Growth” for 26 very conservative Lutheran pastors at Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. During the class I used all ten figures and a lot of the content from my then upcoming book Exponential Culture. To help explain my extreme passion for personal transformation which I believe results in automatically increased fruitfulness, I now share my testimony of meeting Christ briefly. I finish with a video I showed in K.K. and many teaching venues since then that shows better than I can ever say what Christ’s agenda is in each one who abides with him and is transformed by the process.

My Testimony

I was born in Los Angeles Nov. 27, 1951. My mother grew up believing a lie that she was not needed so she married my father who turned out to be a lifelong alcoholic. We grew up where gangs ran in the streets and my dad taught me to box—the one useful thing he taught me.

In time our family of four could not handle the stress and my mother divorced my father. In too short a time, our mother married her employment boss—who also turned out to be an alcoholic. Needless to say I grew up with serious baggage to deal with.

In junior high I became friends with a couple of boys who shared my interest in basketball and other sports. I started attending Dave’s youth group at Dr. Jack MacArthur Bible Church in Burbank, CA. I was the youngest player on the church basketball team and John, the pastor’s son, was the oldest player. At a youth camp at Hume Lake in 1964, I heard the gospel and believed though going forward to meet with a counselor was like walking through quicksand with my feet seeming to sink so deep as to keep me from progressing.

For two years I avidly read my Bible and prayed for God to transform my dysfunctional family. Nothing changed and after two years I gave up and decided to live on my own and see if God really existed and if he really cared. I had not learned yet that God is not a tame lion but he is always good.

For the next 14 years I lived on my own but God began about 10 years into it to tug on my tether and pursue me. For four consecutive months of May, I had progressively devastating accidents—a multiple fractured right foot, a compound fractured left tibia and fibula, 8 fractured ribs with a collapsed lung and bruised kidney, and finally such emotional isolation that I considered suicide.

One day walking alone through my house, it felt like a huge weight came down on my shoulders and I sank down. Then all the scripture I had read came flooding back to me and I said out loud to Jesus: “Lord, if you have a plan for my life you’re going to have to pick me up because I cannot go on anymore. I surrender!” At once the heavy burden left me, and I was filled with joy and felt as light as a feather. I could not stop my feet from dancing.

The Lord Jesus has never left me and though at times his Refiner’s fire has been as hot as a blue-white hot poker, he has sustained me and whispered that I am his beloved.

Michael L. Wilson

Asian Access

Church Multiplication Catalyst


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