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Sabbath and our driven culture

 A stately peacock meandering across our street often forces drivers to brake, take a breath, and then slowly proceed with caution.

  Jesus stated, “Man is not for the sabbath but the sabbath is for man” (Mk 2:27). The first 3 of 10 commandments focus on our vertical relationship with God. First, we are to put no other god or idol –including economic success ahead of the priority of communing with and following Him (Ex 20:3).  

 Second, we are not to make any image to bow down and worship (Ex 20:3-6). God in heaven, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, is jealous of our worship and the effects of false worship can continue for 3 or 4 generations.



We are not to misuse or take lightly the name of the One and Only God (Ex 20:7) for He will notice and not hold us guiltless. Unfortunately this type of misuse and flippant use of his holy name is increasing common in our apostate culture.

These first three commandments seek to show us how to relate correctly to Almighty God. The fourth commandment is a conceptual bridge that shows us how to enjoy a blessed life that blesses others as it affirms Christ’s benevolent reign. 



  1. Mike,
    Thank you for sharing this. Do you have illustrations for the remaining commandments?
    Jan Powell

    • Yes, Jan, we do and I can send them to you. They were greatly used in Okinawa

      Sent from Mike on the run

  2. The Lord is calling his Church to be counter cultural in an attractive way. One way to do this is to enjoy observing the sabbath. I know how challenging this is and we are trying to do more to show a healthy difference


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