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Honor Your Father and Mother, the Commandment with a Promise

12*“Honor your father and your mother, *that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.

Just to add to what I already wrote, I decided to look a little deeper at this one.

32tn The verb כַּבֵּד (kabbed) is a Piel imperative; it calls for people to give their parents the respect and honor that is appropriate for them. It could be paraphrased to say, give them the weight of authority that they deserve. Next to God, parents were to be highly valued, cared for, and respected.

This was hard for us as we were preparing to live separately from our parents. It’s obviously hard for the current generation in their teens and twenties. But there is a blessing–corporately, even nationally, as well as individually for making this a priority.

The Old Testament has much to say about God’s love but the main focus is on the righteousness of our Most Holy God. He cannot tolerate evil and the consequences are sure and impossible to ignore. His love is the balance and is able to fill our hearts beyond any pain of discipline.

Just as this 5th Commandment has a corporate blessing as well as individual so does the preceding 4th that calls us to counter-cultural sabbath keeping that brings us back to our dependence on God and helps steel us against the “spin” and exploitation that normally supersedes loving and building up one another.

Now on to the 6th, 7th, and 8th commands…….

Before I write the verse, can you guess what this one is?

10 Com 6thPerhaps the strongest type of exploitation. We are not to murder (Ex. 20:13). This is one of the logical extensions of seeing people as objects to use and exploit rather than fellow sojourners within the covenental love of God.

P1000150(Exodus 20:14) You shall not commit adultery. I can’t believe some of the things I see on TV. My email inbox is filled with offers of discreet sexual encounters for married people who want some private stolen water. What are we coming to as a result of 60 years or more of preaching exclusively the love of God from the New Testament and nothing to be heard of the righteousness of God from the Old Testament that demands righteous obedience? God knows we are but dust but he demands a contrite heart and a commitment to do what we know is right to the best of our ability. Illicit sexual encounters certainly infect the experimenters with unclean spirits that cling tightly until dislodged by prayer from those who are confident in their authority in Christ.

P1000151-0The 8th Commandment prohibits stealing (Exodus 20:15). We steal when we covet something we don’t have but someone else does. We drew this using a familiar image but don’t make any profit from using it in teaching.

May the Lord heal our land as we humble ourselves and consecrate ourselves to righteousness born out of love that knows no limits.


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