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Church Leadership in the 21st Century

I am in the early stages of composing a book by the title of this blog. Why do I have the chops to write such a tome, you might ask? By God’s amazing leading and plan, I have worked with literally hundreds of pastors and churches in a number of cultures. The challenge is always the same—how do we make disciples who keep growing to “the full measure of Jesus Christ”? (Eph. 4:13). If you’ve read my book Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation, Disciple Multiplication, then you know that I believe and have biblical basis for that belief that “greater sanctification in the the disciple and in the church results in greater fruitfulness.” We have neglected this far too long. Exponential was put together a little hastily though the research was 20 years in the building.

Now the Lord has laid church leadership on my heart. We must lead the way the Bible tells us too. The problem we have created a consumer mentality in the church will little resistance. It will be difficult but church leadership teams need to take this challenge on and get into the greatest enterprise in the history of the world. It will be more difficult that before we lost our credibility in the culture but it can and must be done.

As persecution begins in earnest in this country the following media is important. I prepared it for the Church in persecuted countries like those in parts of Africa or the Middle East. But now we are beginning in the courts to join them in the struggle and glory of serving Christ amidst opposition that is overt.

Two Winged Church Persecution copy


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