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Lead the Church Now! Pt. 4

Leadership in the 21st Century Church is complex and a lot like walking through a mine field–you never know when something’s going to blow up or a new obstacle–perhaps one you never imagined–will show up. A lot of the structural supports for those in the ministry are no longer there–others never really were there.A2 EssencesNow more than ever, a leader who is leading for everlasting impact must start everything from the foundation of living in a love relationship with God. One reason I have stayed aligned with Asian Access for so long is this foundational priority. I can say from daily experience that when one teaches this kind of truth your own character and submission to the Spirit of Jesus will be tested and any remaining dross will be surfaced to be dealt with as the Lord faithfully leads us for his glory.

I believe from my decades of scripture reading and dependence on the Holy Spirit that it is God’s will for every believer in Christ to become a trainer of others (cf. Matthew 28:18-20). We are all gifted and equipped differently. I know an unassuming brother who quietly goes about life but if you follow him for a couple of days you will see him coming alongside the homeless sharing what little he has. He accepts them and laughs with them. He cries with them too. He is not a public communicator but everyone who knows him has learned something important from him and are honored to have him for a friend.

If everyone has some form of leadership potential, how do we develop it? The Network series of books is an excellent resource. The idea is to learn everyone’s spiritual gifting, passion and style. SHAPE = Spiritual gifts, Heart passion, Abilities natural, Personality type, Experiential learning–this last is often the most useful and valuable since it had to be exercised to be known. Strength Finders 2.0 by Rath is a book with a computer code in it that leads the reader to an online assessment and provides a written compilation that can be printed out or pored over electronically. We use this for staffing in our work. Let’s keep developing our strengths in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and staff for our weaknesses.

Next I will say a little about developing leaders in a church or mission or anywhere a group wants to grow in God’s grace.

The Key to Leadership Development…

… is knowing what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to develop leaders—and know that you’re being successful in that endeavor—you need to get more concrete and specific about what you’re aiming for. What does a leader look like? How do you know if you have one? A good map isn’t helpful unless you know your destination.

Take time to reflect on these three questions:

  • What are you trying to produce?
  • What’s the process for figuring that out?
  • How do you make sure it’s linked in with your values?

Now select just one area of leadership development you want to work on first (e.g. small group leaders, youth ministry, etc.) Now what do you want those leaders to DO? Be specific and behavioral.

Ministry area: __________________








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