Posted by: whereintheworldismike | January 6, 2016

Lead the Church Now! Part 9

Exponential CrowdTo save mission money, I now teach 15 pastors in a closed country once a month on Skype. I really can’t say too much about them or details of what we talk about but it’s a lively time and we sense God’s presence often.

I try not to lecture too much whether I teach in person or online. I believe adults need to have their experiential learning respected and can learn more if they are actively engaged.

Just heard an interesting report on NPR about our human thoughts on leadership based on how much a person has had to drink. It turns out that we were most raised in a hierarchical system of parents and children. As we develop the methods used to teach and lead us change. More and more egalitarian peer teaching and other techniques designed to engage the learner. But now here is the interesting thing–as people imbibe alcohol their thinking becomes more and more hierarchically-inclined as they drink more that affects their cognition. It seems we revert to what is primary to us–namely what we learned about leadership and teaching from our earliest experience with our parents. Even the most interactive, egalitarian-minded of us, change as we drink more alcohol–morphing more and more into hierarchical taskmasters with every additional drink of beer, wine, or whiskey.

This concept is important to understand why so many teaching venues revert seemingly automatically to hierarchical, rigidly structured teacher-learner relationships.

The Church must teach young and older adults using the principles of adult education if such learners are to engage and be in a position to apply what they have learned in actual practice.



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