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Lead the Church Now! Part 10: BLESS

BLESS is one strategy one church has adopted to reach more people living in darkness with the Light of the Gospel. I’ve heard many church leaders and members tell me this or something similar, “No one is interested. We just can’t reach people with the Good News.”

BeDoKnow figure

holistic ministry paradigm

We need to think more holistically. The gospel tract presented out of any common understanding is usually not effective in this culture where absolute truth is not usually accepted and the Genie in a Box expectation most people have about God is not what we offer.

One growing church is doing so through a holistic approach to relational disciple making.  They use this acrostic to help it “stick” in members’ memories and practice.

B = Begin with prayer. Include some listening and reflection. Journaling is a great addition.

L = Listen to someone. No agenda. Just be willing to listen when someone needs someone to listen.

E = Eat with someone. Breaking bread together is a great bonding activity.

S = Serve someone. Be available and helpful. Be asking God who you can help in his Name.

S = Share the Story. Start with the situation and in your own words. Don’t share a pre-packaged Gospel presentation.

Such holistic approaches to daily life can yield big dividends and help many uptight people find real hope that does not disappoint.


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