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Starting Disciple Multiplication Movements During CM

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Personal or Relational Evangelism (same thing)

Why Relational Evangelism?

  1. Most consistent with the nature of the Christian message
  2. Most in line with God’s character
  3. Most often reaches unchurched people
  4. Most often results in disciple multiplication
  5. “Spirit of Evangelism” passes from witness to recipient like a flu virus

Distinctives of Relational Evangelism

  1. 3 Legged stool (Crisis catalyst + Word of God + Relationship)
  2. Salvation is dependent on God’s timing
  3. Often results in disciple multiplication

Recognizing a person of peace

  • Influential person in any group—can be more than one
  • Respected opinion; often asked for advice
  • Personal reputation—can be good or bad
  • Does their homework when encountering innovation

Reaching whole groups

  1. Reach people of peace
  2. Utilize bridge people (people who are influential in more than one group)
  3. Don’t inhibit the movement to God by taking new believer out of their community—work together to sanctify their community
  4. Cooperate with how God is working without putting man-made stumbling blocks in the way

Disciple new believers using John 14-16 and then all the gospels. Stay in the gospels until disciples are obedient.



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