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God’s Unchanging Agenda 1 of 32

I am sorry I’m going to miss the first installment of Global Interns in Sendai, Japan this summer/fall. Mission interns will come from North America, several Asian countries, and of course, Japan to put hands and feet to Christ’s love in the disaster area of Japan. My wife and I and Pastor Nagai put together the curriculum for the intern training which will be a mixture of cultural, ministerial, relief, and spiritual training that will involve the interns in practical training on the job. Our goal is to develop holistic ministers who can minister to practical needs as well as communicate the Gospel in word when appropriate. Unfortunately, I had already made plans to teach in Cameroon and Nigeria at the very same time.

One of the things I prepared is a series of 32 morning devotionals that are composed of a biblical passage and associated discussion/reflection questions.  Because I mentioned this on FaceBook, I have decided to make these devotional meditations available on my blog. I hope you enjoy and find them profitable for your growth in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1) SCRIPTURE Gen. 1:1-25 The One and Only God creates all things


REFLECT Are there any other actors in the story of God’s creation?


REFLECT How does God create things “from nothing”?


REFLECT What does this tell us about his power?

By virtue of God’s creation of all things, he is the OWNER of everything. It’s his and should display his glory.



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