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God’s Unchanging Agenda 2 of 32

When I look at the political scene, I am challenged to remember that “The Lord sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts” (1 Sam. 2:7). This has been the zaniest lead up to an election I’ve ever scene, but then I’ve only been following them for a little over 50 years. I pray daily that God will bless America the land that I love. I pray for peace in the world but we have to wait a little longer for that. God made humans and he has a wonderful plan for us, but he needs our hearts, otherwise we just make a mess of things.

2) SCRIPTURE Gen. 1:26-28 Humans (male and female) are created as co-image bearers of their Creator and were together given responsibility to “fill and subdue the earth.”


REFLECT What do you think “fill and subdue the earth” means?


REFLECT This is sometimes called the “Viceroyal Commission.” Why do you think?


In the only two references to “male and female” before the Fall in Genesis 3, there is no sense of inferiority or subservience of the woman to the man. They were co-image bearers of the Creator. The term used for “helper” for the woman is the same term used for Almighty God, the Helper of Israel. It is usually used of a stronger or superior one who uses that superior strength to help the weaker. God made man physically stronger but he made us complementary to fulfill God’s purposes together–using our complementary strengths to do so much more than either of us could have done alone.


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