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God’s Unchanging Agenda 4 of 32

God’s design of the universe was flawless. Every day we see evidence of the magnificence of his creation–many of which we miss completely. It’s a great exercise to  try to discern the balance or power or intricacy of God’s creations. This exercise helps me to worship God “in spirit and in truth” at any time or place.

4) SCRIPTURE Gen. 2:24-3:21 Two attempts to thwart God’s grand design (Satan approaches the woman to tempt and deceive her (Gen. 2:25 compare with Gen. 3:7-11)). Second stumbling block is seen in Gen. 3:16–Men and women will struggle for dominance instead of cooperating to complete God’s Great Commission.

REFLECT Why do you think Satan approached the woman (cf. Gen. 2:16-18) even though the man was with her (Gen. 3:6)?

If you think it’s because women are more easily duped or gullible, please remember the Hebrew term translated (helper). In every other use of the word the “helper” is the stronger/wiser one.

Could the order of creation of male and female have been a factor? Could the sequence of the pronouncement of judgment for violation of the prohibition of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and creation of the female have been a factor? And if so, why?

REFLECT How did God give a glimmer of gracious hope even in the midst of judgment (Gen. 3:15, 21)?


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