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God’s Unchanging Agenda 7 of 32

In verse 1, God tells Abram to go leaving his home country, his family, and all that is familiar to him. He was 75 years old and probably thinking he would slow down and settle for the duration. This is what God expects of each of his people–the willingness to go wherever and do whatever God shows us. This is our life today. Much is uncertain. Much is scary. What will tomorrow bring? How will God provide tomorrow? He has been faithful. But the wind and the waves are pretty convincing–and they are what fills our vision when looking at only what the eye can see.

7) SCRIPTURE Gen. 12:1-4 Abram’s call and obedience.


REFLECT How would all the families of the earth be blessed through Abram (Gen. 12:3)?


REFLECT How hard do you think it was for Abram to leave his family’s home at the age of 75 without the aid of modern travel conveniences?


REFLECT How does Abram’s call continue the Lord’s Great and Viceroyal Commissions?


REFLECT What is the place of faith in humanity’s role in completing God’s great plan that Abraham modeled for us (Gen. 15:6; Rom. 4:3; Gal. 3:6; Jas. 2:23)?


Had a great time of prayer with a couple of dear brothers in Christ early this morning. Lebanon seems much closer. Where he leads I will follow….


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