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God’s Unchanging Agenda 11 of 32

Watching the presidential election process is like watching an accident about to happen. Can’t America put forth people of character and competence to lead our country? Joseph was a young man with no political experience and little other experience outside his home for that matter. But God gifted him and began to work on his liabilities as a leader. It took several years and I’m sure Joseph chafed in his chains and wondered if there was any profit in maintaining his integrity with God. But again and again he did. The result was God elevated him to the second highest position in the world power Egypt. As a result, Joseph was able to save not only Egypt during a severe, seven year long famine, but also his extended family in Palestine that would eventually grow into the nation of Israel.

Back to our election, Trump appeals to our frustrated feeling of privileged one up man ship in the world. Many Boomer especially are used to being top dog in the world and we have been getting repeatedly humiliated on the world stage. We don’t like it. We want to go back to where we are the most powerful, richest force to be dealt with. Trump voices this well and often. We think maybe he can restore us to our “rightful” place. I see the slate of potential leaders and say again, “In God we trust–NOT.” Incompetent leaders from God is one of the four results of such an attitude. I’m sorry I can’t see things getting any better in the immediate future.

Let’s keep growing in the grace of God being transformed from “glory to glory” like Paul wrote. Then we will be fit for every good work and become faithful and fruitful in any environment. Everything will come in God’s time to those who wait upon the Lord.


11) SCRIPTURE Gen. 39 Have you ever experienced the mysterious help of God like Joseph did in this chapter (vs. 2-5)? Can you briefly tell your group about the time God’s supernatural help came to you?


REFLECT Have you ever experienced temptation like Joseph did (Gen. 39:7-18)? Can you briefly share what the temptation was and how you handled it?


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