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God’s Unchanging Agenda 17 of 32

Beware. I put “Christian” and “affluence” into Google and some pretty acerbic postings assailed my eyes….

American Christians in “diabetic coma.” … “The picture I have is a church in a diabetic coma that has gorged itself on the sweets of affluence, materialism …”

“The typical Christian in today’s world is not an affluent American male pulling up to church in a Lincoln Continental; it’s a poor black woman and mother of four in Botswana.”

Trump, the businessman politician, appeals to many because he promises a return to American economic and military dominance that spans the globe.

There is a basic arrogance here that is anathema to true godliness. God is calling us to embrace a faith that has us singing,

“Lay me down. I lay down a sacrifice….It will be my joy to say, ‘Your will, your way.'”

Such counter culture faith will not be popular in the politically-correct culture we are immersed in. God is calling us to “be strong and courageous” and humble. An interesting combination but today’s scripture reflection draws us into the place where God can infuse us with strength, courage, and yes, humility.

SCRIPTURE Josh. 1:1-9 Joshua is commanded to “be strong and courageous” so he and the people of God can establish the reign of God in the Promised Land.

REFLECT Josh. 1:8 Tells us a requirement for being God’s instrument to establish his benevolent reign on Earth. What is it?

REFLECT As we look at the chronology of scripture from start to finish, the deciding issue is always whether or not the human actors in the drama will commit to being God’s instruments or “do our own thing.” Twice in close context the Lord God makes a promise to encourage his followers to keep going forward in the task. What is it? (1: 5, 9c)




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