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Discipleship that Transforms

Someone who read my book Exponential Culture offered me a teaching job at a new Christian university. I thought I would give it a try since my passion is to train young leaders for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. After a meeting, I found out that I must recruit my own students since this is a new school and one that hopes to help poor students who cannot avail themselves of the normal schools that don’t teach disciple multiplication. I still help pastors and churches around the world by Skype but I would like more hands on opportunities if the Lord wills. Here are the classes I would like to teach:

Promise Christian University

Missions Department Course Summaries

Practical Discipleship that Multiplies

Much discipleship in the last century has focused almost exclusively on cognitive input using an educational model. This course seeks to broaden that approach by combining cognitive elements with the affective and psychomotor resulting in discipleship that transforms the heart of the disciple and equips them for effective service for Jesus. Much of this class will incorporate experiential elements outside the classroom.


  1. Exponential Culture: Believer Transformation, Disciple Multiplication by Michael L. Wilson
  2. The Discipleship Difference by Bob Logan and Charles R. Ridley
  3. T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution by Steve Smith with Ying Kai


Discipleshift: Five Steps that Help Your Church to Make Disciples who Make Disciples by Jim Putnam, Bobby Harrington, Robert E. Coleman;

The Unbelievable Gospel: Say Something Worth Believing by Jonathan K. Dodson

The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ by Bob Hull

Leading the 21st Century Church

In North America for some time now, 4000 churches per year have been dying. Recently the rate of new church development has matched that rate. The result is a wholesale transition of church models. The leader of the Church in this age must understand what the new environment means for fulfilling a biblical role. The “80-20 Rule” is no longer viable. Leaders must produce more than “20% of the people doing all the work.” What in the Church has been truly biblical and what is merely a subculture that creates spectators? How can we shed cultural elements that have come to label the Church as “irrelevant” and “judgmental by those outside?” How can the Church be fruitful and faithful in this generation? These are some of the questions we will wrestle with in this class.


  1. Embodying Our Faith: Becoming a Living, Sharing, Practicing Church by Tim Morey
  2. Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God by Gary L. Thomas
  3. Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today by Mark Labberton


Wiki Church: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral by Steve Murrell

Building Leaders: How Successful Companies Develop the Next Generation by Jay A. Conger and Beth Benjamin

The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission in the 21st Century Church by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown (TED talk)

God Gives Second Chances: How to Get Up, Dust Off, and Be Used Again When You Fall by E.T. Kendall

Historical & Theological Trends in Mission

The 21st Century has opened as a time of unprecedented transition. There are more people under duress and on the move than ever before. Diaspora is the new “norm.” Therefore, it is as important to have an awareness of current trends as it is to have a grasp of historical trends. It is also important to have a theologically holistic grasp of missions. There


  1. The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity 3rd Edition by Philip Jenkins
  2. Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan
  3. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions by Ruth A. Tucker


“Current World Diaspora Trends” unpublished compendium by Michael L. Wilson

“Scattered to Gather” by 2010 Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization


The Facilitator Era: Beyond Pioneer Church Multiplication by Tom Steffen (I wrote Chapter 4 in this book about “facilitational church planting for church multiplication. I uploaded the “Best Practices” section to the GPro cloud.

A History of Christian Missions (revised ed.) Stephen Neill (softcover).

A History of Christianity in Asia Vol. I: Beginnings to 1500 and Vol. II: 1500-1900 by Samuel Hugh Moffett (Vol. I softcover, Vol. II hardcover).

If anyone would like more information or other planned classes, please message me on this blog or on FaceBook messenger. The classes will be held in Covina, California, USA. Some classes are available online. When we have 15 students the class begins. As much as possible I will be taking the class outside the classroom for real life experience. I am Skyping with a hundred pastors worldwide about some of the course content. I am trying to help them implement steps that result in more effective discipleship and more vibrant, fruitful church. Thank You and May the Lord bless all who are his until he returns.


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