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From Bangkok to the Ends of the Earth

Healthy Pastors, Healthy Churches, Healthy Society


This was the theme as about 3000 pastors came together in Bangkok to try and prepare church leadership for the fantastic church growth that is happening all over the world. Quickly we came to the realization that normal methods of training pastors are not sufficient. We must have multiplied growth of leaders. I was made one of the 30 main coaches to coach the 3000, plus many more who could not come because of visa problems. The plan we developed was to ask each of the 100 that each of us is coaching to recruit approx. 12-20 more. The church growth worldwide is THAT PHENOMENAL, especially where they are not hung up on the educational model of Church!

(Up.Lt.) Pastor Brother from S.I. which is restricted and a graduate of A2’s training partnered with me in the busy onsite recruitment.(Then bottom left to Upper Right: Spiritual Track Leader Asian Access Joe Handley with Pastors Sidny and Temo from Mexico who partnered with Mike in a Spiritual Warfare case study and seminar. Lower Rt.). (Next: Lunch with Jef, an Asian Access colleague and another brother from a restricted country who I keep in touch with). (Rt. Middle: It was good to finally meet up with my friend V from another restricted country who has been receiving stuff from my book) (Finally, Brother B with Mike. The brethren in their restricted country are very interested in discipleship that multiplies).

All the “experts” who were at GPRO Bangkok uploaded their best stuff to the GPRO cloud. One expert said when he saw my discipleship coaching questions, “I want to publish those!” He has a website with resources. Of course I had several gigs to upload. Pastor Teddy in Benin is translating key “Exponential” curriculum into French for distribution in French-speaking countries. Pastor David in N. I. is translating key “Exponential” pieces into 4 regional dialects that will then be distributed all over the country. Needless to say, I have many new Skype contacts. I formed and oversee a popular online group called “Discipleship Ephesians 4:11-16.” I continue to moderate the discussion on this site for the next four years. All agree with me we need to concentrate more on disciple transformation for sustained health and growth. Others receive exponential stuff and explanations in M. East, many African, Europe, etc.

Finally, as I mentioned, I keep in touch with about 100 pastors and try to help them apply what I’ve given them. In addition, I am writing a Practical Discipleship course for an online seminary ( at the request of my mission president using the figures from my book and others I use to teach. This seminary is aimed at poor pastors in many countries who have little or no formal training.


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