Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 4, 2016

Teaching at Promise Christian University

What an adventure! Holding down two jobs at almost 65 years of age! I was born of a long line of alcoholics but now Almighty God has ordained that I start teaching at a seminary at age 65. I am working hard but the Spirit of God keeps me in almost perfect peace as I work, stop and answer Skype, work, stop and answer Line, work some more, stop and answer What’sApp…. So far I haven’t been paid a cent because it’s a start up but they told me if I could recruit students I would get something when I start teaching. I love the Church and sometimes cry when I see what’s become of it in the West. That ‘s why I took on this gig after prayer. I can sense God’s encouragement even as things break, dates change, flies persistently buzz around my head….

Anyway, here are the details about my three classes and I wanted to include my media network in the ones advertising for me. May God all keep us faithful until he comes!

Western Christians quit analyzing the Word so much and look to connect with God through his Spirit more. Both are needed and good things could happen.



Oh, and before I turn in for the night, by God’s absolutely amazing grace–he’s led at least 10 students to study with me. We will have fun being televised together and being seen all over the world by some of the subscribers.

God, you amaze me and keep doing things I could not even dreamed of!


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